Architectural Construction Drawings Service

Our Architectural construction drawing services include

Tesla CAD UK is an Architectural and Engineering company offering high quality and detailed standardized construction drawings. We have a proven track record of working on high end design and development working drawings. We use software such as Revit , AutoCAD , AutoCAD Architecture to execute our construction drawings projects.

We take pride in serving our clients within quick turnaround time and in a cost effective manner. We follow British Architectural Standards and Building Codes diligently. Our extensive technical knowhow and ability to transform our client’s conceptual plans into structured construction drawings has made us one of the most sought after Architectural Construction drawing Service providers in UK.

We have Developed Shop Drawings for

Our core expertise lies in working on such drawings using Revit software as well as AutoCAD. We work on schematics, construction drawings for presentation , detailed installation drawings ranging from LOD 200 till LOD 500.

Our mission is to produce highly detailed and accurate drawings cost effectively within a quick turn-around. We work on Architectural construction drawing services for multiple building types.

Revit Drafting services is highly recommended to companies who are willing to avail these services. In this system, a 3d Revit model is created first with all information like dimensions, building tags, isometric views etc. Later the sheeted up drawings are extracted from the model. These services provide with quite a few benefits such as parametric model features. Any change that is needed in the construction drawings can be done in the Revit model and automatically it shall reflect in the drawings set.

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