CAD Drafting Service

Tesla CAD UK provides high quality and detailed 2D CAD Drafting Services to clients across United Kingdom. We specialize in providing all types of 2D CAD Drawings and Detailed Drawings. Our team has a penchant for perfection. They strive to deliver 2D CAD Drawings with unimpeachable quality standards, however short the turnaround time is.

Tesla CAD UK provides CAD Drafting services across Architectural and other Engineering domains such as Structural, MEP and Mechanical. Since CAD Drafting Services is the first step in any pre construction stage, we have a team of 2D CAD drafters dedicated to work on 2D CAD Drafting projects.

We provide the following CAD Drafting Services:

AutoCAD Drafting Services is one of our core areas of expertise.We re-draw any rough sketches / paper drawings / images or PDF's in AutoCAD thus converting the sketches in 2D CAD Drawings.Client can use these drawings CAD drawings for government approvals, renovation purposes, developing BIM models etc. Our team is proficient in providing drafting services and has exemplary knowledge of quite a few drafting software. This includes AutoCAD Drafting, Smart Draw software, Turbo CAD, Revit Drafting etc.

We have worked on multiple 2D CAD Drafting projects for:

Tesla CAD UK aims to provide seam less Drafting Services by deploying best technical infrastructure and World class CAD Drafting professionals. To know more about the services we provide email us on