Structural Industrial Batch Plant

Name of Building: Structural Industrical Batch Plant

Country: USA

Type of Building: Tower And Trusses

Numbers of floor: In Tower Six floor + Roof

Total Tonnage: 850 Ton

Nature of the project and Software used: This was a steel detailing project. We worked on Tekla software for this project.

Hours Consumed: 3315 Hours

Turn Around time: 95 working days


Project Description: This project included working on Structural Fabrication Drawings for the following segments of the building

We had to develop the Anchor Bolt Plan, Erection Plans, Assembly Drawings, Part Drawings, Reports (Assembly List, Part List, Bolt List, etc.) and submit the .NC files to the client.

Input and Output: We received 3D model for all the phases of work as per the revision. We had to create detailed shop drawings from the input files provided.