Architectural CAD Drafting Services

Tesla CAD UK provides high quality Architectural CAD Services to major Architectural firms and Consulting firms. We have a proven track record of working on high end design development and AutoCAD drafting projects in field of Architecture. We have a team of experienced Architects, CAD Drafters and Renderers who have worked on large scale construction projects.

We take pride in serving our clients within quick turnaround time and in a cost effective manner. We follow British Architectural Standards and Building Codes diligently. Our extensive technical knowhow and ability to transform our client’s vision into reality has made us one of the most sought after Architectural CAD Service providers in UK.

Our Services
Architectural CAD Drafting Services:

Paper to CAD Conversion Services

Tesla CAD UK provides accurate Paper to CAD Conversion Services to Architectural firms and other companies who are transitioning from the traditional mode of drafting to the digital CAD technology. Our team of drafters are skilled to digitize different formats (hand-drawn sketches, pdfs, images, etc.) into precise AutoCAD drawings.

Architectural Construction Drawing Services

We provide 2D Architectural Construction Drawing Services to well-known Architectural firms and design companies in UK. Our detailed and high-quality Documentation Services include creating working drawings, detailed drawings, presentation drawings, site plans, etc.

Scan to CAD Drafting Services

Tesla is proficient in providing Scan to Drafting Services which includes 2D Elevations, Plans, Sections, Roof Plans, Site Plans, Schedules, Furniture Layouts, etc. We have an experience of over a decade in converting laser scans (commonly known as point cloud data) into AutoCAD drawings.

As-built Drawing Services

Tesla’s As-built Drawing Services can be used for reconstruction, refurbishment, or renovation of any existing structure (building or infrastructure). Our detailed as-built drawings can be utilized to analyze the existing design and assist in suggesting new layouts.

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