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Tesla CAD is one of the topmost CAD Drafting Service providers in UK and Europe offering Architectural, Structural and MEP CAD Drafting Services. We have worked with Architectural firms, MEP Contractors, Fabricators, Construction companies and Engineering Consultants on different types of CAD Drawings. Our core competencies include digitizing conceptual designs for presentations, Paper to CAD conversion services with proper layering standards, dimensioning & annotations, Architectural Construction Drawings, etc. as per the clients’ drafting standards.

We have a team of AutoCAD Drafters, Architects, and Engineers who can execute highly detailed and complex CAD projects in UK and Europe. Our 12+ years of experience and the ability to deliver high-quality services according to client requirements in quick turnaround has made us one of the most preferred CAD Service Companies in UK and Europe.

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Paper to CAD Conversion

We offer detailed and standardized Paper to CAD conversion services in Architectural, Structural and MEP disciplines. The traditional method of hand drafting 2D layouts, sections, plans etc. makes it difficult to store, share and edit them. With the aid of Paper to CAD conversion Services, many AEC and construction companies can now digitize their hand made drawings. These CAD services also include conversion of JPEGS, pdfs, images or conceptual sketches into full-blown detailed CAD Drawings with layers, annotation, dimensioning, etc. Weather it is for government approval for any rebuilding or for the construction to actually begin CAD Drawings are today mandatory.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services

We are one of the top Architectural CAD Drafting service providers in UK and Europe offering highly standardized and precise drawings for construction. We draft the conceptual design into detailed presentation drawings, Working drawings and Construction drawings. We have a team of Architects who constantly direct our CAD technicians on transforming the basic hand-drawn sketch or design into 2D CAD drawings. We have provided Architectural CAD Drafting services to large and renowned construction companies in UK and Europe

Structural CAD Drafting Services

We provide highly detailed structural drawing services, steel shop drawings, etc. Our Structural CAD drafting services can be utilized by Structural Engineering firms, Steel fabricators and Architectural firms. Our CAD drafters have executed complex and detailed steel shop drawing projects, drafting projects, etc. for more than a decade now. We work on drafting structural plans, foundations, General Arrangement Drawings steel shop drawings, etc. for Residential, Commercial and Industrial structures.

MEP CAD Drafting Services

We provide high precision MEP CAD Drafting Services such as MEP Shop Drawings, Electrical plan layouts, HVAC 2D plans, plumbing layouts, etc. We are one of the topmost CAD companies in UK and Europe offering detailed MEP CAD Drafting Services for Residential, Commercial and industrial structures. We have a team of CAD Drafters and MEP Engineers who work on developing detailed MEP drawings that can be used during the construction and installation of MEP components.

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