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Tesla CAD UK delivers 3D Floor Plan Services to Architectural and Real Estate companies in the UK. We have excelled in transforming 2D house plans into 3D Floor plans to make revisions in the design much before the actual design process begins on site. We provide high-quality and photorealistic 3D floor plans.

Our core competence is to ensure photorealistic delivery of Architectural 3D floor plans with the appropriate color combination, floorings, furniture placement that gives optimum space utilization. We have Architects, Interior Designers, and Rendering artists all working in extreme synchronization to deliver a uniform output.

3D Floor Plan Services are mainly used for Residential Set-ups, but we supply these services to commercial, industrial, hotel, and health center. We have expertise in delivering virtual reality images and 3D walkthrough that acts as a marketing tool for the companies we serve. It has helped the clients by visualizing the interiors of the house, office, or warehouse layout. Issues like design, color combination, furniture section, etc. can be resolved in the design stage.

Our Services
Our 3D Floor Plan Service Include

Residential 3D Floor Plan

Tesla offers an extensive 3D Floor Plan for Residential Set-ups that helps the client to visualize all the interiors and objects placed in a floor plan of a room or entire house. We get 2D Drawings from the client that we transform it into the 3D Model to accelerate the aesthetical value of objects being placed in a floor plan.

Commercial 3D Floor Plan

Commercial 3D Floor Plan prepares the layout or plan of an office or mall for diverse commercial units. Client provides drawings onto which it is converted into a model that represents the object placed in an office or a mall and lets the client feel the know-how of the office once it gets built. Any technical issues in the commercial unit can be resolved in the design stage so that later the process can be carried smoothly.

Warehouse and Store Plan

Warehouse and store plan provides in-depth detail about storage and capacity a warehouse or storage plan would have. Being critical to design the plan of a warehouse or a store, we fetch drawings and transform it into a model that depicts the 3D Walkthrough Services to the client to visualize the impact of storage or capacity being built.

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