BIM Structural Services, Steel Detailing and Structural Shop Drawings Solutions

We are a Digital Construction Company providing detailed and high precision Structural BIM Services in UK and Europe. We work in association with Structural firms, Engineering consultants and steel fabricators. Our BIM Models are compliant to the latest standards and can be used for multi-purposes such as BIM coordination, Quantity take-offs, Facility management, Steel detailing, etc.

We have extensive knowledge in handling small, medium, and large projects of BIM technology. Our teams of diversified Structural Engineers, steel detailers and BIM experts have worked on Structural BIM projects for Residential, Commercial and Industrial structures. Apart from BIM Modelling requirement, we have also worked on constructability review, load calculation, and detailed structural analysis.

We have excelled in offering Structural BIM Modelling Services with Shop Drawings, detailed drawings, and fabrication drawings. Our BIM Models are enhanced by the addition of data to analyze structure, costing feature, and other project management tools. Additionally, the data from our detailed Structural BIM Model can be used to prepare schedules, estimation, and quantity take-offs. We aim to deliver models with accurate structural data to get complete, BIM content data in quick time.

Structural BIM Services

Structural BIM Modelling

We provide Structural 3D Modelling Services inclusive of all relevant BIM components required for construction purposes, BIM co-ordination, Estimation, Quantity take offs and fabrication. Our services can be utilized for Residential and Commercial infrastructure including Apartments, Office, Hospitality and Health care, Community centers, Schools and University, etc.

Structural Steel Detailing

Tesla CAD provides Structural Steel Detailing Services using BIM for heavy industrial structures, Oil and gas plants, bridges, tunnels, etc. We have worked with major fabrication companies in UK and Europe to provide them with for Structural BIM Modelling and Steel Detailing Services.

BIM Quantity Take Off Services

We offer Structural BIM quantity take-off services that are important for budgeting and cost estimation during on-site construction. This technology helps in getting a clear idea of the actual materials and the quantities that need to be ordered during construction much before the building construction begins.

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