Standardized Construction Documentation Services

Tesla CAD is a CAD and BIM Drafting Company in UK and Europe offering Architectural Construction Drawings, Working Drawings and Detailed Drawings for Residential, Commercial and Industrial structures. We provide detailed and standardized Construction Drawing Services for Apartments, Single family houses, offices, Health-care, Schools and Universities, Hospitality industries etc.

Architectural Construction Drawing Services are extremely complex and difficult to execute owing to the level of detailing and precision required for construction. We have comprehensive knowledge of building codes and construction standards in Europe and UK which enables us to provide high precision and standardized output to our clients. We aim to provide high precision and standardized output. We present our Architectural Construction Drawings in set standards with appropriate line weights, scale of the sheet, readable fonts and color-coded layers.

Incorrectly executed construction drawings can prove to be extremely detrimental during construction, hence it is important that the company which is working on Construction Drawings should be highly experienced and expert in the Architectural field.

Construction Drawing Services

Construction Drawing Services In AutoCAD

We have a team of Architects and CAD Drafters who work on Construction Drawing Services in AutoCAD. Since many companies have still not adopted BIM technology or shifted from CAD to BIM, construction drawings executed using AutoCAD is a highly preferred option. We have experience of drafting and detailing highly complex Construction Drawings based on layering standards, presentation standards, line weight, fonts etc.

Construction Drawing Services Using Revit BIM

Apart from 2D, we also specialize in offering Construction Drawing Services using Revit BIM. Using the BIM process, we can create a data rich 3D BIM Model from which we can extract sheets in 2D format including annotations, dimensioning, room tags, details etc. which are in tune with client's standards and specifications. The advantage a company gets by using Revit construction drawing services is parametric features which enables the changes made in the plan reflect in the 3D Model and the 2D Sheets extracted from it.

Owing to our expertise in executing Architectural Construction drawing projects, we have grown to be the best Architectural Construction Drawing Service Providers in UK and Europe.

Architectural Construction Drawing Services

We have provided Construction Drawing Services to respectable and reputed Construction Companies, Architectural firms, Real estate and Builders in UK and Europe. We create Working Drawings, Presentation Drawings, and ready for Construction Drawings. These include:

  • Setting out Plans
  • 2D Floor plans
  • Section Drawings
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Foundation Plans
  • Detail drawings
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Roof plan
  • Furniture Layout plans
  • Site plans
  • Topography
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