Architectural 3D Rendering Services – Benefits galore

Architectural 3D Rendering Services – Benefits galore
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The human mind tends to absorb visual content more easily than static information. It is more engaging, eye-catchy and also more memorable. This holds true in every aspect of human life may it be in the fields of education, media or even construction. It is because of the fact that the end client or even a stakeholder would rather look at the photorealistic image or presentation than a traditional top-down blueprint that 3D Rendering Services are becoming more important.

3D Rendering is the process of creating an image using computer software. It allows to support conceptual designing by creatively depicting an architect’s thought process. They enable the end user to get a clear picture of plans, layouts space utilization, back ground and site landscaping even before the construction takes place. It also allows to effectively visualize idea about the colors used in the building interior as well as exterior, interior design, furniture types, wall color, lighting etc. even before the building is constructed. Trees, plants, vegetation around the main building and site also can be visualized with absolute realism.

When it comes to architecture 3D rendering has significant advantages. Below we state the four main advantages of Architectural 3D Rendering:

1. Better presentation to clients and stakeholders:

The architects have a difficult challenge of taking a client through the prospective design which doesn’t even exist. For a layman, it would be very difficult to actually understand what the architect wishes to communicate. 3D Renderings allow to get a much better perspective of what the space will look like and it will also be more impactful. This applies even for presentations to stakeholders for financing, and city officials for permits. When the space is accurate as well as attractive it makes it much harder for them to say no.

2. Exact visualization of final design:

3D Renderings are dimensionally true as they are created based on 3D drawings which are accurate. These drawings make it possible to match the actual dimensions so that it becomes possible to see how different materials, objects of different seizes etc. will all fit together. This also allows to more easily spot any errors or discrepancies right from the initial stage of the project. 

3. It is profitable:

3D Rendering significantly reduces the amount of rework by providing the client with accurate visualizations. The better understanding between the client and designer will lead to reduced timelines. It also provides a win-win situation for the firm as they can through effective rendering of architectural designs attract clients from across the globe and it can be done by no additional cost of travel.

4. Marketing tool:

Finally, 3D Rendering is the best way to grab the attention of clients, investors and business men. It allows the architects to stand apart from the crowd by creating breathtaking visualizations. Moreover, when it comes to selling a house or an office a 3D renderings of the space with complete furniture will do a better job of drawing in the client and convincing them than a static image would.


Thus, 3D rendering provides the architects a variety of ways in which they can increase their profit margins. With proper 3D visualization they can also present their ideas better and reach out to clients, investors and business men. In extension to 3D renderings, there are also animation and walkthrough services which provide a virtual feel of living and operating in the constructed premise.

About Us: Tesla CAD UK is an architectural and engineering firm proving photorealisitic 3D Visualization Solutions. Along with 3D visualization we also provide BIM and CAD Services. Our experience, the in-house multidisciplinary team and our quick turnaround time ensures that our clients gain a competitive edge over the competition.

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