Can IOT integrated with BIM change the Construction Industry?

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Internet of Things (IOT) has transformed the construction industry by connecting to every machine, system and tool virtually to the internet for opening new opportunities. IOT helps in feature of today’s construction phase by aiding in designing a building or managing a construction project from all stages of the lifecycle.

IOT interconnects with a digital network that allows objects in collecting and sharing data electronically. Devices or technology used here is wearable or sensors that help in data transfer and delivery that can be accessed, manipulated, searched or collected for use. Proficiency and productivity are accurate by connecting devices to computer systems.

What does IOT mean in the construction industry?

IOT possess enormous potential in the construction industry with some technologies that have already existed for more than a decade. Devices connected with wireless routers where the data is transferred to the cloud and runs analytics and leverage machines to make better decisions that will be linked back to devices so that certain actions are taken into account.

Construction on-site operations are effective with IOT ecosystem that consists of drone, robots, etc. those get interconnected with each other and provide data for it. It helps in improving maintenance and repair of machinery to track assets data and track Clash Detection Services occurring on the construction site.

How IOT is used with BIM and other technology in the construction industry?

BIM, when applied to IOT, creates a 3D model design of a building that is connected through sensors to fetch data from 3D BIM Services Model that includes energy usage patterns, humidity trends, weight analysis, etc. It can help in getting data about how a building environment would respond to it and improve the building design and construction projects in the future. IOT would help to detect errors and resolve it and helps in coordination with all the discipline in the construction projects. It aids in efficiency and lower cost in the construction project.

IOT, when integrated with Green Buildings, can have a positive impact on the environment where the design and systems connected to devices that control its functionality such as power consumption can be controlled through an automatic system that can shut down when unoccupied. It helps in the reduction of waste, and optimum use of resources is attained.

RFID and sensors when installing with construction equipment and tools can help to reduce time wasted and cost by tracking the job of a worker to make things effective. Sensors can keep track of things such as temperature fluctuations, fuel levels, pressure, etc. Any danger in tools or Malfunctionality can be detected easily and rectified in order to cause a delay in the on-site construction.

Augmented and Virtual Reality in the construction industry is a growing trend where instructions such as weather and safety alert in projects with IOT can be attained in real time.

What will be the future of IOT in the construction industry?

The future of IOT in the construction industry is going to be immensely positive and trending into the projects. With IOT growing, it is increasing the reach for the smart buildings that are designed to use the automated systems and processes to control the environmentally such as heating, lighting, energy wastage.

In the coming future, it will more focus on leveraging benefits such as BIM and other technology collaboration in order to make the process more streamline, effective and cost saving for the construction projects. With RFID tracking of equipment and workers, different machine set up can be tracked easily and material information like quantity of material needed and supplier’s data.  Energy conservation got more comfortable to handle with IOT.

Managing operation from not being present at the construction area it can help save the worker’s health that could have earlier be hazardous due to remote operations with no technology advancement.


Internet of things in the construction industry is successfully getting implied with other technology to make the construction project effective; the digitally smart process can be carried out, worker’s ability to perform and accidents can be tracked and handled on a real-time basis.

It can help the construction professionals such as Engineers, Architects and firms to make a better decision, precise management of the material and equipment used in construction projects.

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