What is included in Architectural 3D Rendering?

What is included in Architectural 3D Rendering?
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Architectural 3D Rendering refers to the two-dimensional and three-dimensional images that show the attributes of a proposed architectural design. 3D rendering and architectural visualization allows the architects and designers to evaluate proportions and scales of the building as well as allows to photo realistically simulate the effects of lightning, ventilation etc. in the interior environment.

3D Rendering Services are used by architectural firms, real estate companies etc. for presentations, marketing etc. They help the end user get a very clear picture of the plans, layout, furniture placements, space utilization, back ground and site landscaping even before the construction takes place. This enables the clients or the stakeholders to gain a better understanding of how the completed design will look and avoid any changes in the future due to miscommunication or misunderstanding of the design.

What is included in Architectural 3D Rendering?

Architectural 3D Visualization in general means ability to visualize or imagine any entity without its existence. In Architectural front, it is usually a building site or interior rendering. Ideally, the architects would first create a complete detailed 3D model first and render them. CAD drawing, handmade drawings and sketches can all be converted easily into 3D Rendered images. This makes it easier for the Architectural firms or builders to properly convey their ideas to the stakeholders or the end-users. It can give a clear idea about the colors used in the building interior as well as exterior, interior design, furniture types, wall color, lighting etc. even before the building is constructed. Trees, Plants, Vegetation around the main building and site also can be visualized with absolute realism.                               

3D Rendering Services includes:

  • Exterior Rendering
  • Interior Rendering
  • Landscaping
  • Photomontage
  • Furniture Modeling
  • Aerial Rendering

Exterior Rendering refers to visualization of the exterior of any building or house. Exterior can be a commercial building, residential house, condominiums, single family home, villas, and resorts. architectural companies or consultants use exterior rendering to create visualization of a building that is in the design stage or post conceptual design change.  This can be used as an excellent tool to market their services or buildings.

Interior Renderingenables a builder or an architect to visualize the space planning, layout, furniture design etc. In case of any design change, it becomes easier to complete it during the presentation or visualization stage. This can be also used as an excellent marketing technique to attract buyers for any building property.  

Landscaping and site rendering also add value to the entire package. Architects and designers take landscape plans and ideas and converts them into a tangible image which is easy to understand and conceptualize the finished project. Landscaping can place a large number of trees shrubs, and flowers into a scene with accurate scale, reflections, shadows, lighting, and color bounces. Along with this photomontage helps us visualize a building or villa constructed with a back drop of an existing site. Architectural 3D rendering can also be amalgamated to an existing site or natural scenery to see how a building looks against one particular back drop.

Furniture Modeling involves developing specific 3D geometries of furniture models and placing them in required layouts. It involves a wide range of 3D furniture modelling of beds, sofas, tables, chairs, work stations etc. which can be used for residential, commercial, office space etc.

Finally, architectural rendering is used by many AEC companies to gain a better understanding of how the building will look in the given neighborhood with surrounding landscapes and buildings.

3D Rendering proves to be a great presentation tool and saves ample time as changing designs during construction can be extremely cumbersome, Moreover, foreseeing the changes in the design stage is quintessential as it can save cost and prevents loss of reputation. Moreover in extension to 3D renderings, we can also move a step further to Animation and Walkthrough services, giving a virtual feel of moving in the constructed premise. Technical advancements also include virtual and augmented reality environments which allow the client to in extreme detail get a feel of the building or a site.

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