How can Revit Families be advantageous for Interior Designers?

Revit Family creation
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One of the biggest assets of Autodesk Revit is the feature of Revit Families. These parametric BIM tools with specific geometry can be placed within the 3D Model. Revit Families can be already present in the Autodesk library or they can be customized according to the project model. They also provide a level of control over similar elements and make design changes easy.

Revit Family Creation Services can be extremely useful for Interior Designers who are looking to augment their designs and save time. It cuts down on the time it would generally take to choose and customize different Architectural and MEP elements like sofa, chair, lights, air conditioning etc. Revit Families can also be easily transferred from 3D to 2D for printing and construction.

1. Revit Families helps accelerate workflow:

A Revit Family is a ready-made kit complete with product details like bar code, serial numbers, asset codes etc. The designer has an option to choose textures and material specifications from the inbuilt Autodesk Revit library or customize it to suit the interior design. The importance of Revit Families becomes especially pronounced when the designer is looking for larger projects where there are repetitive elements. These components just need to be designed once following which they can be inserted at the required places in a matter of seconds.

2. Revit Families can be Modified:

Once a loadable Revit Family is designed with specific geometrical features and dimensions it can be added into the project without configuring anything additionally. However, each project requirements can be unique, and in this case the family needs to be modified which can be done by an expert modeler with considerable ease. Additionally, if the any of the project dimensions don’t match with the family inserted then the Revit Model also makes it easy to detect the inaccuracy for instance the dimensions of the wall were changed but no changes were made in the corresponding window or door sizes. This advantage of Revit Architecture Services ensures that the final model is accurate and error free.  

3. It reduces cost:

As stated above a loadable family can be created once and then it can be adapted to different project requirements. Since Revit Families can be conveniently modified a designer can create a library of his best and most used design components and simply change the dimension and insert them into whichever project needed. It saves up on the cost as they don’t need to be customized every single time.

4. It covers a wide range of components:

Revit Families can be used to create a variety of 3D models that range from architectural elements, to furniture and household appliances. Revit Architectural Services can be used to create windows, doors, columns and other architectural elements. Interior Designers can also use Revit Families to create furniture sets, bathroom accessories etc. In-place Elements can be used to create any unique design element like a particular design on a wall or a unique structural element. Combined with 3D Rendering and virtual simulation designers can have clear visualization of how the complete ensemble look.

5. 2D Drawings can be extracted from Revit:

Any Revit Family structure is built according to all axes and with precise dimensions. Revit allows to extract 2D Drawings of the 3D model which can then be used as a blueprint for the construction process. These drawings are accurate, error – free and easy to share.

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Tesla Cad UK is an Architectural and Engineering company providing BIM and CAD solutions in UK. We can create parametric, semi-parametric and generic Revit BIM families which can be utilized by Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers for creating their own library of elements or for creating bespoke designs.

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