What is Open Database Connectivity in terms of Architects? How does it help to export a file to ODBC in Revit Software?

Open Database Connectivity
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Open Database Connectivity is an Application Programming Interface (API) connected to drivers that can access a unified database for architects. By using ODBC in a program, we can get access to files in a different common database. ODBC standard was introduced in 1992, which was designed by SQL Access Group to merge access of data to the SQL database.

Open Database Connectivity enables compatibility of data shared by architects, which is linked through application developers to write a single application while accessing data sources. For Architectural BIM Services Companies which have huge database wherein they can use ODBC to let specific tools be connected with a program.

 Tools such as Printers can be connected with multiple devices where ODBC creates a link between application and database. It allows centralizing the data into a single application more efficiently.

How Open Database Connectivity Works For Architects?

ODBC works by creating a bridge between the application and database to enhance information from end-users that is translated in DBMS for processing it.

There are four components of ODBC that works together to enable functions which allows the programs to use SQL that accesses the database. ODBC Connection handles the SQL request that is converted for each coherent database system.

The four Components of ODBC are as follows:

Application: – ODBC processes and calls the functions and submits the SQL statements.

Driver Manager: – Every application such as Assemble and SQL needs a local driver to be loaded to process it.

Driver: – It handles ODBC functions, submits to SQL to request it to a data source.

Data Source: – The data is being accessible by OS with Database Management System.

Structure of Open Database Connectivity

Advantages and Disadvantages of ODBC

The advantages of ODBC are:

•    It is Compatible between CR and most ODBC compliant database. It is not limiting its connection to only one company’s drivers. For example, In Oracle databases, it has three options for database driver such as Oracle’s ODBC Driver, Merant’s ODBC Driver and Microsoft’s ODBC Driver.

•    Drivers are often updated to include the latest data type. It allows more connection control and options such as over table joins, including left outer join. It is the only way to enable cr to a report of a Microsoft Access query.

The Disadvantages of ODBC are:

•    Data Source Name is required to use reports from ODBC connection to be configured on computer devices.

•    Third-party drivers and software limitations are a subject matter of ODBC connection in CR.

•    It requires SQL call statements and data to pass through the ODBC layer that can slow down the speed of data transfer.

How to export a file to ODBC in Revit?

Below are the steps to export data to an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)

1.) It is easy to export Revit data to an ODBC

Export a File from Excel to Revit Software

2.) Access the database from any Database Management System (DBMS) like Oracle, Cloudera, MySQL, etc.

3.) Mostly, MySQL is used to access the data in any DBMS. It is a domain-specific language that is used to interface with databases.

4.) This data is used to create graphs, visualizations or presentations which are relevant to the on-going project. Printing multiple drawings from multiple models in Revit can be used as well.

5.) Using DBMS, work can be continued even though printing is going on. For instance, a remote desktop can be used for printing job on DBMS, minimize the window and start working on a project.

6.) Non-Revit users can access and modify data without opening Revit from third-party applications such as Innovaya, Assemble, etc.

Integrating Data between model and database

Synchronizing data between model and database depends on what kind of information is to be managed for which a customized database is created that will synchronize the data which is necessary for the project.

It is important to save time during synchronization and setting up the database. External Application Program Interface (API) is used to synchronize model data to the database. Information from various models can be segregated periodically when needed.

Interconnecting Open Database Connectivity

In the above diagram, we can see the red boxes noted as the ID Boxes, which are the primary identifiers for each row in the table. Duplicate Information should be avoided as it makes it more difficult to manage or update the database.

For example, if you need to change anything in data, then you will need to remember the place where you have stored the information. You need to create a new table if you are using data in multiple locations. MySQL will be used to ensure the database is performing the tasks properly or not. For instance, the below code says that when the document is synchronized to run the code.

Coding of Open Database Connectivity

Example of Database Management Software

BIM Services
  • Assemble is an excellent software for DBMS, which allows you to access, condition and synchronize the data to get benefit from the BIM Services Software.
  • Parameters or metadata can be accessed and edited for quality check or data management.
Revit Software
  • The timeline can also be checked for model and can track changes made in a model for better quality check. For example, if changes are to be made in a model, you will need to see the changes that might have occurred somewhere else in the model when changes were implemented. Therefore, corrections can be made accordingly. 
Revit Modeling Services


Open Database Connectivity is an open standard API which the architects use to access the data from any applications no matter of DBMS that is handling the data. ODBC Connection uses SQL as it accessible database language where data can be shared and understood.

It makes the handling of queries easier to which DBMS understands through database drivers. Perhaps, this article will make you understand how you should export data to ODBC in Revit Software. It initiates how to synchronize data between the database and model through ODBC connectivity.

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